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Intermediate Floors

Structure with pillars fit for projecting mezzanines particularly indicated where it’s possible to utilize the height of a room, as warehouses and offices. The structures are completed with stairs and gates.
Pillars composed of two slotted profiles obtained from a steel band that has a very high yield point S355MC, with a plate at the base that has a suitable thickness and some holes for the fixing on the ground.
Girders realized with tubular with different sections and thickness whose ends have some steel pressed connectors welded, that have a very high yield point DOMEX 355 MC, and that allow the joint to the pillars. The dimensional calculation of the loading capacity changes from 250 to 1000 kg/sqm. The calculated deflection is about 1/300 of the girder length.
Flooring realized with profiled little panels from steel band Sendzimir galvanized S250GD Z200 with thickness and typology that may change according to the use and the required loading capacity, in alternative possible smooth or anti-slip wooden flooring.
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